Two Fish and Five Loaves

When you eat of the of the words which give life and share them with others you will always find there is more to eat when you finish than when you began.

Welcome to our blog. We are a happily married Christian couple who have decided to take this project on together. You will find posts from both of us here about the many things we encounter on our walk through this life together. We plan to share many things here about our faith, our home life, recipes, tips, our crazy critters, and who knows what else. Both of us have learned many things the hard way in life and as we walk backwards through our lives together sharing our stories, pitfalls and triumphs, we do begin to see the patterns in the grand design of the lives God has given us. We hope that you will join us in our journey and perhaps share with us parts of your own. We invite you to join us at our table, to be filled as we live and learn and love together.

Please note: we are new to this and it may take a little while for us to get the site up to par.

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