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What was the stance of Yahushua the messiah regarding the use of the sacred name Yahweh?

We know that during the 1st century C.E. the people of Judaea and Galilee were strictly prohibited from speaking the name Yahweh by the religious leaders.

Was Yahushua in agreement with this prohibition, or did he see the situation quite differently?

If you’re interested in discovering the truth of the matter, then it might be a good idea for you to continue on with our investigation.

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A spiral in elfin thyme

The golden mean found in this shell and also in the thyme it sits on is found throughout the natural world, universe and even us. I took this photo as I was wandering around snapping photos at a baby shower. As the excited guests were anxiously awaiting the arrival of my nephew God was reminding me that life is building upon life. The sad thing is that it has taken me two years to realize the significance of this photo and where it was taken. I cant help but think of how a plant adds leaves using this golden ratio. This has puzzled people for a long time. The idea that there is an element of design to all things. This however isn’t always obvious. In fact, it requires serious attention to begin to scratch the surface. To look at a tree and see these patterns is immensely challenging unless one was to observe the tree grow from a seed. Trees and plants in my mind are almost always imagined as a chaotic sprawl of beauty reaching and groping from ground to sky, but this chaos has order. It has purpose. In the grand design they reach for the light. They reach for what feeds them. It isn’t always obvious in our lives either, one would have to look back on life and remember all the crazy jumbled moments, snapshots, joys and heartaches to see a design. Honestly, it’s mind boggling, but I could never begin to remove the spec from my neighbors eyes if I didn’t first remove the log from my own. So begins an adventure back through life, with a chainsaw. Through repentance and grace may we all find that golden ratio, that balance between flesh and spirit that leads to salvation in Jesus Christ. May God Bless you!